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Good Food & Company School of the Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to vocational training while exposing students to the physical building blocks of financially healthy communities.



Build inclusive thriving communities by providing access and resources to individuals to live driven purposeful lives.



Provide educational training programs that empower students with vocational expertise, experiences that shift mindsets and foster self-discovery to elevate individuals, families and their communities



Kevina McCoy

“I still feel very thankful and blessed to have been selected for this opportunity. I came in wanting to add to and lock in on my cooking skills and ideas. Everything I aspired to get out of the class I have and more! Once school is finished and we graduate and become certified, I look forward to utilizing what I have learned and apply it to my own catering business and everyday life.”


De’Erick Burgess

“This program was a great opportunity to learn more about what a chef does on a daily basis. My goal is to be a master butcher so the program was a great opportunity to sharpen my knife skills!"


Renita Davis

“I have learned a variety of things during my classes, like cutting correctly, breaking down a whole chicken, cooking whole snapper, plating and so much more…I am excited to be graduating with my ServSafe certification and for my future in the culinary arts thanks to this incredible program.”


Eleanor Davis

“During my time in the culinary arts program I have learned how to cook and bake. I have also learned how to make cool whip and many different sauces. It has been a great experience for me as I am new to this industry and I have learned so much in this program. It has been a pleasure being in this class.”


Aleshia Wilson

“This was a great opportunity for me. I wanted to feel like I could succeed at a goal and finished what I started and I have done just that! Culinary arts is going to open many opportunities for me that I felt I didn’t have before attending this class. This program is more than just a test, you get all the training as well. With cooking being a strong life skill, I now have more confidence in the kitchen, at home and for family’s famous cookouts! Our instructors are very patient and kind and I am thankful for their time and teachings.”


Kezmon Pugh

“Being a part of this class has been a great opportunity for me because I have always wanted to be a chef. I have worked in many different kitchens but have never got the opportunity to cook and this program has allowed me to fulfill my dream. It has equipped me with the tools to be confident in areas that I have never been equipped to work in before.”


Armeta Griffin

This program has prepared me for success in the Culinary Industry. It has taught me the dynamics of the industry from food prep to food presentation. One thing I have come to love about the program is the commitment and dedication from our instructors and the team work amongst my classmates.


Andrew Stewart

The things I've learned in class have changed the way I look at food and how I prepare it. I have a much better understanding of how to cook food and present it…I have learned about proper temperatures, different cuisines, and all different herbs and spices. I am truly grateful for this opportunity!


Halimah Allah

The program is teaching me a lot; including teamwork and constructive feedback. I didn't know how crucial it is to keep up with temperatures until now. Math isn't my best subject, so I will say learning culinary math has been a rewarding challenge. Lastly, the program has definitely made me more open to ask for help.


Kimberly Layton

This program has been one amazing experience in my life. I have been able to cultivate my talents to become a great chef. Chef Jasmin and Chef Ellis have been great teachers. I am now prepared to work under pressure in any circumstances. Learning from the best is really going to make me a great lead chef!


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