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Professional Chef


The Culinary Arts Program teaches industry management, food production and hospitality skills to students interested in pursuing a career in the foodservice industry. Each student receives hands-on experiential learning in a 15 week fully immersive culinary training course. The course provides students with the fundamentals and basic concepts of culinary techniques whilst developing critical skills such as punctuality, personal presentation, communication, and customer service. The program is facilitated by the Atlanta Breakfast Club and created and funded by its' parent company Good Food & Company.


Good Food & Company School of the Arts awards students with a full hospitality workforce innovation tuition scholarship so there is no cost to the individual participating in daily classes. We find that many of our students have always dreamt of attending a professional culinary program such as ours as a step towards becoming an executive chef, starting their own restaurant, food truck or catering business. Successful graduates earn their ServSafe certification and assistance in career planning and service related job opportunities thus increasing their earning potential.


Our Culinary Arts Program provides experiences that expand our students outlook and expose them to different sides of the food industry including a diverse range of locations and events.

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